Birdhouse Pre-summative Researchwren_2.jpg


You are going to make a birdhouse for a Wren next week.
Today you will research 5 different types of birdhouses including one for the Wren.

You will use the internet for research and word to present your material. Include a title page and page of references citing webpages you visited. (5 marks)
Include pictures of each and answer the following questions:

1-Design: What are the common basic design elements of all birdhouses you researched?

2-What are the environments (where are the birdhouses designed to go) for the birdhouses and how do they differ?
3-What are some additional features and/or decorations you might add to your bird house to make your project unique. These features can not take away from purpose and function of the birdhouse
INCLUDE PICTURES (Ideas may include painting the birdhouse different colours, adding recycled material/decoration to it, painting a design on roof..)(5marks)

Due Wednesday January 5th.
Evaluation: total of 20 marks